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What is Tharreō?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

When I first started thinking about names for my new birth doula and childbirth education business, I was immediately drawn to picking a word from Hebrew or Greek. I wanted my business name to have a deep meaning that could be applied to all birthing parents around the world. I wanted the name to be unique and make people ask questions. I wanted to honor the strength of the Biblical Hebrew midwives who saved the lives of countless Jewish babies from Pharaoh. I wanted to honor the millions of women before me that have birthed babies in all sorts of situations and circumstances.

After pouring over huge lists of potential "birthy" words, I finally landed on Tharreō [Thuh - rey - o] which is Greek for "to have confidence, be bold." I knew the pronunciation might throw some people but the meaning was too perfect to pass up. My desire would be that all birthing parents and their partners feel confident and bold stepping into the unknown realm of childbirth, postpartum and parenting. It's the greatest adventure you will ever take and I feel so blessed to walk alongside so many families in this process.

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