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Frida Mom Product Review

FINALLY a new blog!

I am a HUGE fan of any of the Frida products. This isn't sponsored - I just really think these are great products that really help parents and babies.

One of my awesome clients (and good friend!) put together this detailed review of the various Frida Mom products shortly after giving birth - fresh and real perspective.

Have you used any of the Frida baby products or mom products? If so, what did you think? Share in the comments!

Postpartum Products:

Disposable Postpartum Underwear - This underwear is AWESOME and a serious step up from what they give you in the hospital. They are appropriately snug, so you don’t feel like they’re going to fall down, even when loaded up with ice packs and pads and they’re comfortable too! My only complaint is that they aren’t particularly breathable, so I got hot in them a lot (also thanks to postpartum hormones).

Instant Ice Maxi Pads - One of my most favorites, especially when paired with the disposable underwear. It is so convenient and smart to have a maxi pad and an ice pack in one. These are easy to use, comfortable, and absorbent!

Upside Down Peri Bottle - Also a very smart product and makes the cleaning process significantly easier than with the regular peri bottles they give you in the hospital.

Witch Hazel Perineal Cooling Pad Liners - I really liked these too! Basically the same as using Tucks pads, except when you line your pad with 5 Tucks pads, sometimes they move around or get displaced. Having a long liner that runs the length of the ice maxi pads makes a lot of sense and makes this easier to use.

Witch Hazel Perineal Healing Foam - This is the only product of the postpartum stuff that I would probably skip. When you get used to using Dermaplast in the hospital, you expect (and kind of want) a cooling and numbing sensation from your spray, and this does neither. You are also supposed to put this foam all over the pad before you pull up your underwear and I didn’t enjoy that sensation either.

Breastfeeding Products:

Adjustable Nursing Pillow (and Heating Pad) - This was a bit of a disappointment. I was so excited about this because it straps around you (I often have issues with my Boppy pillow shifting around) and because of the insertable heating pad on your back. There are removable pads inside so you can make this three different heights. We tried this with all three inserts (recommended for newborns) and with just two, and in both cases, the pillow was just too high for Aidan to nurse. The angle is very odd - there’s a divet in it for the baby’s body, but it feels way too far away from your breasts. I don’t know if I am just weirdly shaped or what, but this pillow did not work for me. Bummer.

Lactation Massager - This came in more handy than I thought it would, especially when I started to get a clogged duct early on with breastfeeding. It is small enough that you can hook it into your bra or under your shirt while nursing (just make sure it is secure, so it doesn’t hit your baby in the face) and the heat was pleasant. My complaints would be that the battery life isn’t that great (you get like 1.5 nursing sessions before you need to charge it again) and when it is turned on, there is a bright white light, so if you are using it at night, it’s a big light shining in the baby’s face.

Instant Heat Breast Warmers - I cannot figure out the chemical reaction that makes these work, but it’s pretty crazy. You snap a little metal disc inside the warmer and then a white foamy liquid spreads out inside and is instantly hot. I got more heat out of these than the massager, and these are thinner and lighter and easier to put in a bra if needed. They stay hot for like 20 minutes, and then unfortunately you have to put them in boiling water for 20 minutes to get them to go back to their original state. So, I liked using these, but less convenient if you are going to use them frequently.

Mask for Lactation - This is the only product I haven’t tried, as lactation hasn’t been my issue this time around.

Mask for Hydration - I used this in the second week when my boobs were feeling really sore. If you enjoy using face masks, you would enjoy this. It was pleasantly cooling, although I can’t say it made a huge difference for my skin.

Cracked Nipple Saline Spray - Excellent helpful product. I don’t know why saline spray is so effective, but this is easy to apply and instantly provides cooling relief for cracked nipples!

No Mess Nipple Balm - Definitely my favorite breastfeeding product from Frida Mom! I hate how sticky lanolin is, and this product remedies that. You don’t use your fingers at all to apply it (you just squeeze the tube and use the large applicator tip to spread it over your nipple) and it is not sticky at all. In fact, the ingredients are all natural, so it smells nice and you don’t have to wash your nipples or anything before feeding. Highly recommended with the cracked nipple spray too! This stuff SAVED me!

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