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Postpartum Support

One of my favorite things about working with families through their birth process is being a small part of their postpartum recovery team. My doula packages all include at least 6 hours of postpartum support (and more can certainly be added!) and I love this aspect of doula care.

It is an absolute joy to visit families in their homes, chat with parents over a cup of coffee, encourage and lend support or make referrals as needed, do basic chores if requested, hold teeny tiny babies and occasionally get spit up or peed on.

These postpartum visits look different for every family but they are so important - postpartum anxiety and depression are major issues that often go undiagnosed and untreated. Extra support on hand and readily available can take some of the weight off of parents. Often my visits simply look like validating what mom and dad are experiencing, sometimes it looks like running errands or making an Amazon order for necessary supplies - whatever my role, I look forward to these visits and am honored to be once again allowed into these sacred spaces where new families are finding their rhythm and routine and getting to know each other.

Interested in postpartum support? Check out my packages for options or send me an email at for more details.

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